Couple Holiday Activities in Some Travel Spots near Andaz Singapore

Andaz Singapore is a hotel with a strategic location, and the address is at 5 Fraser Street, Bugis, Singapore, 189354. From that location, there are many places to go as a couple of travelers. When you stay at this hotel, come to the site below, which is near your hotel.

National Museum of Singapore

There are many artifacts in this national museum. If you go there, you will see the beautiful building with classic design. The color of the building is calm white. After entering the door, you will find many fascinating things from the past.

Some of them like a horse cart, some old photographs, and the history board of Singapore. You can only take 6 minutes away from the hotel. So it will be fun if you are with your partner.

Singapore Botanical Gardens

Singapore Botanical Gardens is large. Many tropical trees grow well there. The space is about 82 hectares. There is much artwork in that place. This place is not only warm but also romantic. You can hear a water sound from the fountain with your loved one. Not only that, but you can also have a deep conversation near the pond.

Many trees and plants are planted in a row like a fence. You can take many Instagrammable pictures and post them on social media stories. Indeed, it is very good for a lovey-dovey couple that likes to take many photographs. Don’t worry about the distance, because it is only 12 minutes from Andaz Singapore.

Clarke Quay

This is a mall that has many places to go. If you like to go to some culinary spots, you may like this place because there are many food areas there. You can choose the variety of your food that is very delicious and clean. The food and the place are very Instagrammable.

There will be only 8 minutes away from the hotel that you stay in. So, you can go there from day to night, because it is very close to the hotel. If you go with your partner, you both will feel happy, full, and more energized after try the yummy cuisines.

National Gallery Singapore

Do you like art a lot? This art museum that became a new building in 1929 will make you excited. Because this gallery’s collection is various and you can get many pieces of information too about that. There are some descriptions of the paintings or other art products. It is interesting and beautiful. You need only 15 minutes to go there from Andaz Singapore

Sentosa Island

Singapore has a beautiful island called Sentosa. On this island, there are some entertaining spots. For example, hotel and casino, beach with beautiful view, and aquarium. You can play golf too on Sentosa Island. There will be only 20 minutes away if you want to go there from the hotel.

Singapore is very recommended for couples that like to go to an interesting place. For the staycation, you can search for Hotel Promotion Singapore that will give you some opportunities to get extra discounts.