5 Unique Street Food for Best-Selling Businesses in 2022

Best Campus – Today, many people are interested in trying a variety of unique foods. Not only school children’s snacks are missed and get great enthusiasm, but snacks in unique shapes or flavors are also in high demand. Well, the uniqueness of this snack you can lyrics as a promising business opportunity, you know.

Need a unique snack recommendation for a business that is in demand right now? Bacaterus has summarized 5 snacks that offer a unique taste or shape. Come on, just look at the full information from Bacaterus below.


After a few years ago until now, grilled sausage snacks are still sold in entertainment places and other snacks. Now, corn dog comes as a variant of the new sausage dish in Indonesia. This dish originating from the United States is a blend of sausage (hot dog) with a layer of cornstarch dough cooked by frying.

Not only served with sausages, corn dogs also have a unique menu variant combined with other food ingredients, such as mozzarella sausage, mozzarella chocolate, or added french fries overlaid with corn dog dough.

Mochi Ice

Mochi is a cake dish made from glutinous flour that comes from Japan but is also famous as one of Sukabumi’s signature culinary. Mochi which has a chewy and sticky texture is usually served with peanut stuffing plus sugar, but now, mochi is served with a more modern filling, namely ice cream,

Yup! Mochi ice cream becomes a unique and exciting new snack. Not only unique because it is served while cold, mochi ice cream also has many flavors and colors, such as chocolate, green tea, strawberries, or tiramisu, which can make you tempted to taste it.

The familiar texture plus the sweetness of ice cream in it will provide a different sensation from mochi in general. I’m not curious to enjoy it.

Siomay Goreng Mayo

Who doesn’t know siomay? This dish originating from China has many famous variants in Indonesia, one of which is Siomay Goreng Mayonaise.

Unlike siomay which is generally cooked by steaming, such as in dim sum dishes, or tofu meatballs, this dish is served fried and equipped with mayoinase sauce. The savory and sour taste of mayoinase sauce gives a unique sensation to taste it.

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Sweet corn becomes one of the food ingredients that are often processed, both as a snack and main course. The most popular snack today is Corn Milk Cheese, or often shortened to Jasuke.

Martabak Mini

Unlike the mini martabak which is generally sold on the roadside, this mini martabak dish is a transformation from the current martabak cooked in a smaller baking sheet. This mini martabak does not have a texture like a thin dry martabak, because the dough used is the same as sweet martabak in general. However, this dish has the advantage of its beautiful appearance through the toppings used, such as KitKat, Chocolate Bars, Oreos, Marshmallow, Froot Loops, and others. Anyway, this food is suitable for serving especially for small children.